VTC 2014

Speed Geeking

Speed Geeking is an awesome way to be introduced to a lot of great ideas in a short amount of time. It’s also a fantastic way to dip your toes into the waters of presenting and sharing with your colleagues!

The idea of Speed Geeking is this:

  • The presenters are setup around the room and the participants are in small groups (5 – 7 people per group works best), one group per presenter.
  • When it begins, the presenter has only 6 or 7 minutes to present one idea and to answer any questions.
  • When the facilitator signals time, the groups rotate to the next presenter.
  • When all groups have seen every presenter that round of Speed Geeking is complete!

At VTC 2014, Speed Geeking will be on the first day right before any of the workshop sessions. It allows delegates to get a snapshot of some of the workshops sessions so they can  prioritize which workshops they want to attend and dive deeper into their learning.

All PresentersSchool / OrganizationAudienceSkill LevelTitle
Adona NomerSaigon South International SchoolAll SchoolBeginnerAugmented Reality using SketchUp Models
Alvaro GranaUNISMiddle School, High SchoolBeginnerApps for share
Brian HammSeoul Foreign SchoolAll SchoolIntermediateGoogle Apps Tips and Tricks to Increase Efficiency and Productivity
Dan SlaughterHanoi International SchoolHigh SchoolBeginnerKeep the Conversation Going with Google+
Daniel RuelleRMIT University VietnamAll SchoolBeginnerTriptico interactive classroom apps
Danny GlasnerZhuhai International SchoolAll SchoolBeginnerMovenote
David ElliottConcordia International School HanoiAll SchoolBeginnerBuilding Hybrid/Blended Learning Design
David MilesHanoi International SchoolAll SchoolIntermediateAn introduction to Geogebra
Heather ExumSt. Paul American School HanoiAll SchoolBeginnerGoogle for grade management
Ian HanfordBritish Vietnamese International School, Hanoi (Royal City Campus)All SchoolBeginnerKeyboard Shortcuts - old-fashioned, or what...
Jennifer SimonAmerican International SchoolAll SchoolBeginnerAurasma
Julie ConroyUNIS HanoiAll SchoolBeginnerSimple online organizational tools and recommended research databases
Linc JacksonInternational School Saigon PearlElementary SchoolIntermediateRead Aloud QR Project
Lori UemuraSaigon South InternationalMiddle School, High SchoolIntermediateGclass Folders
Mary PoolUNIS HanoiAll SchoolBeginnerPinterest: What is it and how do I use it for work/school/education?
Nicole MoodieUnisElementary SchoolBeginnerPhotostory in ES
Robert AppinoSaigon South International SchoolAll SchoolBeginnerImmersive Storytelling through Multi-modal Game Design
Vincent JansenFinalsiteAdminBeginnerLeveraging Technology for Engaged Learning